When you ask someone who is having a family with kids, “what could trouble you the most”, the answer will be he or she is always worry about their kids, if anything happen to them that s when they get troubled the most. This is the answer of any parent to this question, because nothing in this world is important to a parent then their kids. They would do anything for them. But kids are always prone to diseases and quick accident. So if it is fever or any other sickness your kid is suffering from, then I know that, as a parent you wouldn’t wait a second to take your kid to the hospital and admit there.

From kid’s perspective

Most of the sicknesses happens due to the carelessness of the kids, because they are usually stubborn, no matter how much their parents warn them not do something, they will do it, get wet in the rain, eating food that would be allergic to them can be the most common things kids do. So getting sick is like inevitable in those situations. However, no matter what stubborn things kids do, there’s one thing that kids sacred and hate the most, and that is the hospital. Getting injections is a nightmare and not to mention the amount of tablets and capsules they have to drink up to get better. Because all these things, you could safely say, kids despise the idea of staying in hospital. But for some reason when they had to stay there, all of their confidence and stubborn slipping away and they will always cower from the doctor and the nurse whose try to take blood sample from him or her. This is why as a parent you should buy, cool night lights for the hospital room to make your kid feel like home and built their confidence.

Giving hope

Your kid get better just staying two to three days at the hospital of it’s a common fever or something and discharged to go home. But here are children who cannot leave the hospital like ever until they are very sure they are fine after all or maybe hospital is the last place of their life they are ever going to be. The kids with severe cases like leukemia or any other cancers are the ones who lost their hope the most. Mostly they have to remote all the hair and become bold for the medicine they take, this is a very heart breaking for most of eh kids actually. And they will have to be with the other kids who have the same sickness in wards. So no sign of hope what so ever. But if you are someone who is willing to give them hope at least by nice gesture, you could buy a buy portable night light that would give eh shapes of mermaids and other fairies the kids could dream about instead of nightmares. Visit this link https://www.mynightlight.com.au/collections/portable-night-lights for more info if you want to buy portable night light.

They are important

Kids are important in our lives, they are not the small version of a man or a woman, they are one of a kind, you have to be gentle and understand their fears and insecurities before you act on it.